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Greg and the Magic Man now available below!

3/20/2018: A little while back I wrote a short horror twine titled: The Diary of Jackson Phillips. I sat on it for a few months, not really knowing what to do with it, until I stumbled upon Text Adventures I went ahead and threw my story up there for all to enjoy and now I leave a link to it here, so that all those who stumble across this site can in turn stumble upon text adventures.
The Diary of Jackson Phillips

6/14/2017: Haunted! is now available on Comixology! Check it out!

Production of Haunted #1 almost complete!

3/30/2017: Throw The Dice Productions is proud to announce that the original comic book series Haunted is complete! It will soon be ready for distribution on Comixology. A brief series synopsis and preview can be found here.

23rd Century Dreamers

9/23/2016: After a lot of work and fine tuning 23rd Century Dreamers is now here! Brought to you by 215 Ink and available on Comixology it can be viewed here.