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Productions of Haunted #1 almost complete!

3/30/2017: For a little while now I have been working on an original comic book series titled Haunted. The artwork and lettering for the first issue are now complete and I hope the cover is soon to follow. After much consideration I have decided that this series should be the first put out under Throw The Dice Productions! Stay tuned for further updates and feel free to check out an 8 page sample and comic synopsis here:

23rd Century Dreamers

9/23/2016: After a lot of work and fine tuning 23rd Century Dreamers is now here! Brought to you by
215 Ink and available on Comixology it can be viewedhere.

6/8/2014: Good news! There has been some interest in 23rd Century Dreamers. The current plan is for 215 Ink to digitally publisher the comic once the art work has been fully completed. So far it is just about half way done. Keep your eyes and ears open!

3/20/2014: I have been working on getting a sample for the one shot comic "23rd Century Dreamers" done so that I can shop it around to publishers. The sample as well as the full script have been uploaded to this website. Feel free to read and enjoy!

1/18/2014: A new short comic has been added to the website. Is a comic titled "The inevitable outcome of conventional banking" and will be appearing in an anthology comic by Water Closet Press that features their characters from the comic "Ladies and Gentlemen." The artwork was done by Kierston V with me supplying the script and doing the lettering.

I am also planning the enter this years Talent Hunt by Top Cow. Wish me luck!

The Collected Comic Book Scripts

9/14/2013: "The Collected Comic Books Scripts" have been uploaded to www.issuu.com and are available on this site. There is an uploaded .pdf version that is fully free and fully downloadable. Enjoy!

The Collected Comic Book Scripts

In other news "Something Wicked" by Future Quake Press ( www.futurequake.co.uk ) has accepted for publication my short story "A Jagged Piece of Broken Heart." It will still be sometime before it comes out, but it is certainly exciting news. The previously published a shot story of mine called "Perks of the Job" in their anthology comic, " Future Quakes #23 " The artwork for "Perks of the Job" was done by the artist Dan Cornwall. Check out his blog, it is good stuff.


5/3/2013: I have taken almost all of my comic book scripts and put they into a digital kindle book. It contains seven short stories, a 34 page one shot and the first three issues of the limited comic book series "Through The Eyes Of The Devil." You can purchase it here: KINDLE BOOK Feel free to spread the word and the book around.

3/2/2013: Recently I have started putting in an effort to get better at comic book lettering. I have re-lettered "The Ballad of Randolph Sinclaire" and will be doing some lettering the the Happenstance webcomic. It was extremely frustrating at first, but I think I am finally at a point where I am pleased with the final results. I have also decided to put up some short story scripts on the website, so keep your eyes for a link appearing soon.

1/16/2013: I wrote a couple of short stories for this little robot named Happenstance. Several other writers did the same thing, and Marcus Rocco will be illustrating them. All of this will be going down in web comic format at: http://www.happenstancecomic.blogspot.com/ I believe that the first comic will be coming out in February. Keep checkin' the site for updates and spread the word.

I entered the Top Cow talent hunt. Currently I am waiting to hear back. They say that we should know who the winners are in the next couple of weeks. There were over 1,100 entries. Statistically the odd that I will win are not very good, but if we all wish real hard than maybe I will be one of the chosen ones. In the event that I do not I will post my submission up on this website.

I will eventually make a section on here where I can post comic scripts. Look forward to that everyone.

10/27/2012: Artwork done by Cj Camba for the web comic I plan to do can be found Here There is also a link in the "Our Comics" section below.
Future Quake has commissioned the script for "Perks of The Job" which will be appearing in their next issue.
In other news today, I have decided to redo some of the letters for "The Ballad of Randolph Sinclaire" I will be re-uploading the comic when I get those finished.

10/6/2012:A two page comic will be published in the print version of Weaponizer called "The Long Sleep" It was written and drawn as a one page comic, but do to formatting issue it was split into two pages. I view this as bad ass. The artwork is top notch and was done by David Valente I am not sure when the issue will come out, but I am sure I will post the date here when I find out.

10/5/2012: Just saw the last 2 pages for "Half a Blue Moon" which is a six page comic that will appear in Gray Haven Comics "Tales From The Abyss #1" I believe that the issue comes out in December of this year. All the art work is done by Sam Tung who did some killer work on this comic.

10/4/2012: I am officially planning to enter the Top Cow Talent hunt. Currently I am working on the finer points of the plot and synopsis. I will appologize to everyone for the lack of breasts in my comic submission. I will add a kick ass sword fight though, so I feel it evens out.

9/5/2012: I have uploaded the script for "23rd Century Dreamers" onto Issuu. I plan on doing this more frequently. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. Spread the word if you like it.

8/5/2012: Pretty soon I am going to add some comic scripts to the website. The script for the first issue of "Through The Eyes Of The Devil" will be posted for sure. I am also thinking I will post "23rd Century Dreamers" when I get it done. Keep your eye out as these should go up in the next couple of weeks.

7/21/2012: "The Ballad Of Randolph Sinclaire is up! Check out the free comic and share it with your firends. Like it on face book and tweet about it. Spread the word and support the little guy. Of course if you hate the comic please keep your mouth shut.

7/13/2012: Scroll bars have been added to the news box. This makes it better. I played little to no part in the creation of these scroll bars, although I must admit I am pleased with them. That is all.

At some point before I started putting dates: COMING SOON:

The Ballad Of Randolph Sinclaire: A short, twelve page one shot horror comic.
Why The Birds Fly: A zombie web comic.

Both of these comics will be free to view on this website. Show your support with some face book likes and twitter follows. It doesn't sound like alot, but every little bit helps.