Please this smattering of short comics!

Half a Blue Moon Originally published in Tales from the Abyss #1, Gray Haven Comics.

This is based a dream I had, or at least some fragmented memories from it. One man’s nightmare is another man’s short comic inspiration! There is a spelling error on of these pages and it kills me a little bit every time I see it. It helps a little bit if I think of it as a Where’s Waldo of shame.


ART: Sam Tung

Perks of the Job Originally published in Future Quakes #23, Future Quake Press

A while back I had this great idea about going to the future, buying the latest gadget and selling it in the past for a fortune. I am confident one could make a pretty penny this way…provided they avoided killing anyone.


ART: Dan Cornwell

A Jagged Piece of Broken Heart Something Wicked # 10, Future Quake Press

This is yet another comic where ultimately a spouse gets killed. Technically the start of a worry trend that I recommend none of us read into.


ART: Justin Wood