No Return issue #1:







Story: Robert Lefebvre
Artwork: David Valente
Series Plot Synopsis:
No Return takes a look at the very things that make us human, and what happens when they get destroyed. Jacob Hornby finds this out first hand when a drunken driving accident leaves him helpless outside the work shop of Dr. Whilley. The Doctor, who is esteemed yet mentally unstable, wastes no time in taking advantage of Jacob and his condition. For several months he holds Jacob in a drug induced coma while advancing his experiments of mind control and robotic prostheses. In the process of this experimentation Jacob’s memory is completely lost.  As he fades in and out of consciousness the doctor suffers a complete mental break. He begins to view himself as a God. Under these delusions he activates a series of implants that he had secretly installed in several of his past patients. Using these implants to mentally manipulate his victims, he forces them to take part in his budding crime organization.
With no one to administer the drugs, Jacob regains consciousness in a foreign place with no memories. His seach for answers further fuels the Doctor’s delusions, convincing him that Jacob has been sent on a mission to kill him. Acting in a misguided form of self-defense Dr. Whilley sends his crime organization on a mission to find and kill Jacob, before Jacob can kill him.