In the vein of Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock presents, each issue of Haunted is a self-contained story with a central theme. Rather than a specific character, it is the theme of being haunted that carries from issue to issue and ties the series together.

Haunted #1: Up In Smoke

Sally is a brilliant girl who works in a high paying job for shady employers. Together with a few colleagues she is part of a small crew working to create a new designer drug. This work is done at a secret lab located in an unassuming residence out in the country. The story opens as the crew shows up for work on a night just like any other. Everything goes well until a fire breaks out and burns uncontrollably. As everything goes up in flames Sally inhales a huge amount of various chemicals which causes her to hallucinate and believe she has super powers. Flames engulf the building and take on the shape of a giant fire monster. With her friends dying around her, Sally confronts this beast with the new “powers” she has gained. She fights an intense battle, but the beast ultimately proves to be much. She stumbles out of the building. By the time the fire department arrives it is too late for anyone else to make it out. As the firemen battle the flames in the building a smaller fire that has just broken out in the woods catches their attention. Once they have brought everything under control they find Sally. She is unconscious near where the second fire started. She is taken to the hospital where she is hooked up to a series of IV’s and is taken care of. Alone in her hospital room she awakes. Sally starts a fire in the hospital, desperate for one last chance to defeat the fire monster and avenge the death her friends.

SCRIPT: Robert Lefebvre
ART: Cansone